Curriculum Spring 2018

Welcome to our Spring 2018 Curriculum Plan. All of our plans are based on the National Curriculum as well as our own knowledge of what local children need to know and understand about their own area. We also build in key Values as part of our overall curriculum, to ensure that the children know and understand how to act and behave in society upholding shared morals and challenging inequality in all its forms.

As plans are written and submitted to the Senior Leadership Team, they will then be uploaded onto this page as hyperlinks. Any theme titles displayed in red should be hyperlinks. Foundation Subjects such as History and Geography are taught in blocks of weeks, so please be aware that any theme may be taught at any point during the whole term.

The Early Years Curriculum for Wagtails and Nursery/Reception are based on the children’s own ideas and staff ensure coverage of the Early Years Framework outcomes. Therefore topics cannot be shared on this page but will be shared each week through newsletters.

If you have any questions about our curriculum, please email

Year 1 and 2

Year 3 and 4

Year 5 and 6

 Values, including PSHE and SEAL Inspiration; Healthy Eating

Pride and Responsibility; Drugs Education

Inspiration and Healthy Eating 

Pride and Responsibility; Drugs Education

Inspiration; Healthy Eating

Pride and Responsibility; Drugs Education

 History Florence Nightingale

The Lives of Children from another period of time – The Victorians and their Toys

 The Mayans The Windsors 
 Geography Habitats and the effects of human development  Continents and Oceans  The Commonwealth 
 Religion Christianity – What do special stories teach worshippers?

Christianity – How and Why is Celebrating Important in Religion and Worship?

Sikh Dharam – What qualities make a good leader?

Hindu Dharma – What do religions say about God?

Buddhism – Can people change? 

Christianity – Can saying sorry change things?

Science Feeding and Exercise 

Seasonal Changes Around Us

States of Matter

Health and Nutrition

Seasonal Changes Around Us

Environment – observing life cycles

Forces and the effect of movement

Computing Branching Databases

Online Safety

Text and Images 

Images and Video

Text and Images 

Online Safety

Art and Design Painting Collage Painting
Design Technology Mechanisms Food Sandwich Snacks  Musical instruments
Music  Elgar


P.E. and Sport Gymnastics


Swimming Invasion Games

Dance; Gymnastics

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