Year 3-4 Curriculum Map 2018-19

Year 34 B3 Art and DT – Romans Summer 2019

Autumn 2018

1st half term

Autumn 2018

2nd half term

Spring 2019

1st half term

Spring 2019

2nd half term

Summer 2019

1st half term

Summer 2019

2nd half term

Values theme Happiness and Relationships Friendship and Anti-Bullying Inspiration Pride and Responsibility Respect Achievement
PSHE topic Relationships; Speaking and Listening; Negotiation Anti-Bullying; Understanding Self and Others; Working with Others Healthy Eating; Making Choices; Assertiveness Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Education; Influences and Risk Taking Growing and Changing; Compassion and Empathy; Body Language – Verbal and Non-Verbal Safety and Risk Taking; Decision Making
History topic Prehistoric Britain to Stone Age Romans
Geography topic In the Desert European Country Study – Scandinavia European Country Study – Scandinavia
Religion topic Foods connected with Religions around the World Christianity:

Christmas Journeys


Rites of Passage


Why is Easter important?


Jewish Celebrations


What is the Bible and why is it special to Christians?

English Author and themes Satoshi Kitamura – Stone Age Boy

Theme: Jurassic World

Fiction: Film, playscript, description; Once in a lifetime

Non-Fiction: Non-chronological reports – dinosaurs

Katherine Rundell – One Christmas Wish

Theme: Stone Age

Fiction: Stories from the past; Stone Age Boy

Non-Fiction: Discussion text; balanced views

Poetry: Young writers winter poetry competition

Angela McAllister – Leon and the Place Between

Theme: Awe and Wonder

Fiction: Aesop’s Fables

Non-Fiction: Persuasion – sales pitch, article, advert

Philip Reeve – Oliver and the Sea Wigs

Theme: Once upon a dream

Fiction: Fairy tales

Non-Fiction: Information texts; story worlds

Poetry: Class poetry; Julia Donaldson

The Ice Palace

Theme: Up Pompeii

Fiction: Issues and Dilemmas

Non-fiction: Newspaper reports

Playscripts: Linked to Boudicca

The Marvellous Journey of Edward Toulane

Theme: Vicious Vikings

Fiction: Myths and stories from other cultures

Non-fiction: Persuasive letters

Poetry: Poems on a theme and using a style

Mathematics White Rose Maths Scheme White Rose Maths Scheme White Rose Maths Scheme White Rose Maths Scheme White Rose Maths Scheme White Rose Maths Scheme
Science topic Materials and Properties: 

Rocks, Soils and Fossils


Teeth, Eating and Digestion 


Living Things and Habitats


Forces and Magnets


Circuits and Conductors


Changing Sound

Computing topic Online Safety Electronic Communication Digital Research  Data Handling Animation Sound
Art and Artist focus Sketching and Drawing Drawing Painting Pastels Art and DT – Romans
DT focus Structures Food
Music and Composer focus Charanga Music Scheme Charanga Music Scheme Charanga Music Scheme Charanga Music Scheme Charanga Music Scheme Charanga Music Scheme
Sport focus YoKids





Invasion Games


Net/Wall Games

Athletics Striking and Fielding Games
Bible Stories to read to class
Known Special Events
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