The Community of North Walney believes in the whole Community and believes in Equality for All

North Walney Primary and Nursery School is proud that it fully supports equality in all aspects of its work – for pupils, staff, governors and parents as well as for visitors and other community members linked with the school.

Equality is integral to all schools and workplaces and the promotion of equality of opportunity for all pupils underpins North Walney school life. We ensure that high quality provision meets the diverse needs of our pupils, staff, governors and parents and promotes not just equality of opportunity but improving outcomes for all pupils regardless of background.

More information about Equality can be found in our Equality Policy on the Polices webpage.

Our current objectives and where we are up to:

Race/Ethnicity Equality:

Continue to enhance pupils’ awareness of the variety of race/ethnicity across the UK

This is done through assemblies well and within specific lessons in the curriculum and we do it by not drawing attention to it, but being inclusive in our portrayal. Tolerance theme was used alongside ‘ we don’t judge people by how they look on the outside’ and this is referred to regularly. There have been no racist incidents in school nor any racist language used.

Gender Equality:

Ensure that all aspects of school life are available to all children irrespective of gender and that all achieve

When appropriate we bring this into discussions in assembly and through PSHE and SRE lessons and talk about healthy relationships and do not draw distinction between different couple make-ups. Some texts are in school to support different relationships and understanding them.

Disability Equality:

Form links with local disability association through sport and through other school to school support

We have not yet identified anyone to help us with this and needs progressing

Sexual Orientation Equality:

Access training from Local Authority re: how this can dealt within the primary school setting

We want to organise for further support and training for this area once we are confident that other Equality areas are being promoted and developed well in the school

Religion & Belief Equality:

Continue to enhance pupils’ awareness of the variety of religious belief across the UK

Since 2016 the school has covered the six main religions within RE teaching and these are also referred to at times within assembly. The school has purchased more books on religious diversity and makes sure they are available in the library and when specific religion teaching is occurring.

We want the children to know that they can be successful in the future no matter what their starting points may be, no matter what influences they may have in their lives, and no matter who they truly are – and we celebrate individuals and diversity as often as we can and promote individuality through the use use of positive images, stories, reference books, resources and play equipment and through discussion.

In assemblies we also look at leaders and famous people who have done ground breaking things with regard to equality.

Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher was the first female Prime Minister

Born 1925- Died 2013

Martin Luther King

Dr Martin Luther King was a civil rights campaigner in America who helped stop racism and died for his beliefs

Born 1929- Died 1968

Barack Obama

Barack Obama was the first black President of the United States of America

Born 1961


Professor Stephen Hawking is a ground breaking Theoretical Physicist who has helped us to understand how the world began

 Born 1942

 emmeline pankhurst

Emmeline Pankhurst worked hard to bring votes to women, because everything was decided by men in those days

Born 1858 – Died 1928


Aung San Suu Kyi has shown that peace can overcome conflict in the country of Myanmar

Born 1945

 Peter Tatchell

Peter Tatchell has been a leading campaigner for LGBT equality rights around the world

Born 1952

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela fought for equal rights for black people and white people in South Africa and became President in 1994

Born 1918 – Died 2013


Malala Yousafzai has become a beacon of hope for girls around the world who want a good education, no matter where they live

Born 1997

 Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was Jewish and was born in Germany and became a renowned scientist across the whole world – E=mc2 for example

Born 1879 – Died 1955


Alan Turing is considered to be the inventor of computers as we know them today and was a lead in codebreaking during World War II

Born 1912 – Died 1954


Jesse Owens was the first black man to win 4 Gold Medals at the Olympics in Berlin in 1936

Born 1913 – Died 1980

The Dalai Lama is a leader of Buddhism in Tibet and across the world and he continues to work for peace in his country and around the globe

Born 1935

 mo farrah

Mo Farrah, a devout Muslim, is one of the fastest men alive today winning 2 Gold medals at the London Olympics in 2012

Born 1983

 clare balding

Clare Balding was a jockey who became famous as a journalist and sports commentator and now presents lots of shows on TV and radio

Born 1971

Areas where we continue to work on improving equality across the school and local community

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