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‘The Place to Be…where Children are at our Heart’

At North Walney we are very proud of the Values which we uphold and teach to all of our pupils and expect all of our community members to uphold. Education, in our eyes, is not only about subject matter and learning for exams but is about bringing the whole child out of themselves to be a well-balanced and thoughtful member of British society and the world beyond. Each time a child is awarded Star of the Week they also get a House Point on their school record.

To this end our school enables children to work through termly themes connected within the PSHE Curriculum and discussed through assemblies, class times and through a myriad of other opportunities provided to the children including School Council, Anti-Bullying week , E-Safety Day and much, much more.

We celebrate the children’s achievements in attaining and learning these Values each week during Star of the Week Assembly as well as celebrating at the end of each half-term with those who have been recognised for displaying and demonstrating the weekly value both in and out of school.

This year’s themes will be as follows:

Autumn 1

MONDAY MANTRA – Positive Attitude, Positive start.

Week 1 – I have made a positive start to the new year and adapted to the changes in class

Week 2 – I have adapted well to the changes around me

Week 3 – I have set a positive example to those around me

Week 4 – I understand why the changes in school have taken place

Week 5 – I approach every lesson with a positive attitude and try new things

Week 6 – I understand why it is important to be a good friend

Week 7 – Star of the half-term

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