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Pupil Premium Spending Plan

North Walney Primary, Nursery and Pre-School received £26,700 in Pupil Premium Grant this year in order to support children in ‘closing the gap’ in attainment and progress. 24% of children from Reception to Year 6 are recorded as being able to claim PPG.

Our Pupil Premium Grant has been used to support the agreed School Development Priorities with a specific focus on PPG pupils. The grant has therefore been used to ensure that all classes have extra TA support time to focus in on PPG pupils who have been identified as not currently working at expected standard and/or not making expected progress from their starting points. This will be monitored termly through data, and half-termly through observations, planning scrutiny and work scrutiny and teacher/teaching assistants will be held to account for progress and attainment being made.

The primary areas that the Pupil Premium money is used for at North Walney are:

From data evidence in school and from published data results, it is apparent that the school’s use of this money on targeted support for identified children has been successful and must continue. In current school data it is apparent that the vast majority of children who the PPG fund supports are making more than expected progress and that the average progress of this group is either in line or higher than for those children who do not receive PPG – meaning the gap is closing, albeit a step at a time. The fundamental part of our work has been focused on ensuring these children are in school and their attendance rates are clearly rising with only 2 children now a cause of concern for attendance, neither of which are in receipt of PPG.

The money has also been used to finance our SERIS work which means identified children who need 1-1 counselling or support time are receiving it and we hope to continue this into the new budget as it is meaning a growing confidence for these children and enabling them engage or even re-engage with their learning as a result. Current budget constraints are meaning that some of the original SERIS time may have to be cut unfortunately and we will have to see the effect on overall improvements over the coming 2020/21 spend.


Sports Premium Money

The school received £17,000 towards the promotion of sports and health. This has been used to support a range of initiatives in school such as:

The money has successfully been used to promote greater health and fitness and has also paid for qualified teaching in PE and Sports across the school each Tuesday afternoon as well as in-school Yoga for Kids. All children benefit from the funding.

A full plan of the spending plans for this fund for 2019-20 will appear here once the budget has been passed.

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