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Are You Entitled to Claim the Pupil Premium Grant for School Uniform Vouchers and Free School Meals, plus other financial support?

Not sure? Then please click here to find out more as it could be worth £3000 towards your child’s education!!!

This page is a quick guide to specific questions parents may have about how things work at North Walney – we hope you find it useful!

Pupil Premium Grant – what is it?

This is something that the school receives for any child whose parents are currently in receipt of any kind of benefits to support your child to achieve their potential in school and in their future life. It means the school gets money to help your child in school and can be worth thousands of pounds to the school – so we do encourage anyone who is in receipt of benefits to apply for it! The process is confidential and is very important for the school and for your child, so please don’t miss out if you think you are eligible. Find out more at .


Dinners are now payable online through the Orian system – you can find out more about this by speaking to Mrs Malone in the office. You can  pay for uniform and school events via the classroom.

School Dinners:

All infants (Reception, Year  1 and Year 2) are automatically signed up for the FREE School Meals when they start with us, so if you don’t want your child to have a FREE school meal then please let us know as soon as possible. Nursery children can also have a school meal as part of our wraparound care for £2.00 and all junior children are charged for their school meals, currently £2.50 per day. Children can have a school meal whenever they want to – even if its booking on the day – and parents will be charged for any meals taken by their child. All meals are prepared on-site by Cora and her team from Orian.

School Uniform:

All children are encouraged to be clean and presentable in appearance when arriving at school. We encourage the children to wear the school uniform because it creates a sense of belonging and community. For details on ordering school uniform please click here.

Grey trousers or grey skirt, pale blue shirt/blouse and a blue jumper/cardigan or sweatshirt. In the summer they may wish to wear a pale blue gingham checked dress. Trainers must not be worn for coming to school, black sensible shoes should be worn.

All children also need a PE kit for lessons which must be in a PE Bag please.

Where to buy uniform?
Click here to find out how to order school uniform.

Keeping your child healthy:

Here are a couple of links to online items about keeping your child healthy which you may find useful. Just click on the red links.

Keeping your teeth healthy

Public Health England videos 

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