Additional Educational Needs and Disability

Miss Mountford is the school SENCO (Special Needs Coordinator) and is also the deputy headteacher. For any questions about Special Needs for your child, please do not hesitate to contact her.

If your child has an additional/special need or disability we will do our best to meet their needs.  Your application for a place will be considered in the same way as for other children.  Staff will liaise with you, the previous school or setting and the support services that are in contact with your child to ensure a smooth move to North Walney Primary and Nursery School.

We aim to meet the needs of all our children including those with a disability through monitoring their progress closely and through implementing our special needs, anti bullying and behaviour policies.  If children fall behind with their learning we put into place catch up programmes.  If they continue to face difficulties we will write an individual plan with specific targets.  Your child may spend short periods outside the class working on these targets with a teaching assistant. Teaching assistants may also be used to support your child’s learning in the classroom.

If you are concerned about your child, please talk to their class teacher and then if need be Miss Mountford, the school’s Special Needs Coordinator.

The school is accessible to all pupils via outside entrances if necessary.

The school has an active accessibility plan which has been drawn up under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.

The Governing Body regularly reviews its Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy  so that it reflects current practice in school.  If you would like to read the SEN Policy, a copy can be borrowed from the Head Teacher.  If you would like your own copy this can be arranged but a charge will be made to cover photocopying costs.  The Special Needs Governor is Enid Milligan. Find out more about specific Additional Needs by using the links below.

For more about the school’s provision for children with AEN click on the following link: North Walney Local Offer  and SEND policy 2019.

Early Help leaflet for parents

Cumbria SEND Information, Advice and Support Leaflet – January 2019

Cumbria SEND Information, Advice and Support Letter – January 2019

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